Volvo Lubricants

Volvo Lubricants protect your machine

Volvo Lubricants are developed specifically for your Volvo machine. Lubricants are vital for your machine,
and critical for the system as a whole.

Volvo Lubricants give you high and consistent quality – so that your machine runs longer, better and cleaner!

Volvo has a complete range of engine, hydraulic, axle and transmission oils.

Our range of greases has been carefully developed to prevent unnecessary wear. With regular use of Volvo oil analysis you get important information to avoid problems and maximize uptime.

Volvo Lubricants:

  • Improve performance of individual components
  • Exhibit superior protection from wear and tear, prolonging component life
  • Extend the service life of your machine
  • Reduce fuel and oil consumption  

Please contact us to learn about Volvo Lubricants and how to maximise the performance of your Volvo machine.