Volvo Batteries

Volvo Batteries

Key Features

  • Over 25 % more starting power than alternative starter batteries.
  • 20 % longer service life.
  • 100 % leak resistant.
  • Rapid charge recovery. 
  • Reliable starting performance - even under the most extreme weather conditions. 
  • Designed to be highly resistant to vibration impacts.


Why use Volvo Batteries?

- The unique design of the battery cell separators helps to reduce voltage drop under load, producing over 25% more starting power than in alternative starter batteries.

Less maintenance and faster re-charging

A special lead-calcium alloy used in the majority of Volvo wet batteries minimizes the use of water, significantly reducing maintenance intervals.

The same special lead-calcium alloy allows the battery to reach optimum power in a fraction of the time of alternative batteries.

On average a Volvo battery will have a more than 20 % longer service life than alternative batteries - .

The housing of a genuine Volvo battery is extremely strong and 100 % leak resistant under normal usage conditions - 
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