Meet the Volvo Experts at Bauma 2013

With bauma 2013 less than a month away, we thought it was time to reveal the identities of our Volvo experts.  Between them, our experts have many decades of industry experience that they want to share with you.  Head to the Volvo stand at bauma 2013 to take advantage of this rare opportunity to interact with some of the most experienced players in the industry. You can also discover some of our machines in action in the spectacular Volvo machine show.

Here is who you can expect to see:

Guillermo Quezada

Guillermo Quezada

Guillermo Quezada has lived and breathed the mining, quarry and aggregates industry for the past 21 years. Guillermo is an expert in nurturing opportunities and maximising possibilities in a competitive sector, as a Business Development Manager at Volvo Construction Equipment.

Guillermo’s expertise is born from an intimate knowledge of scientific processes. He has worked as a scientific co-worker for mining, quarrying, gravel extraction and environmental protection.  He then went onto to forge some strong commercial experience as a Sales Manager in the Mining and Quarry application area.

But Guillermo is also a product expert. He was a Global Spare Parts Manager for Ingersoll Rand and has recently applied his expertise in the aftermarket business. Guillermo has been both an Aftermarket Manager and Product Manager for Road Machinery at Volvo Construction Equipment.

Darren Fitch

Darren Fitch

Do you have a road construction project in the near future? Then visit the Volvo stand to hear some insights into the industry from Darren Fitch, a road construction and asphalt expert.
Darren is a Road Construction Director for sales region EMEA for Volvo Construction Equipment. He can combine his in depth knowledge of the road construction industry with his customer insight to provide strategic direction for your business.

He can do this because he has hands-on experience of managing asphalt road construction projects for a global top 5 materials company. He has also managed major infrastructural, civil and military projects and has been a member of the Institute of Asphalt for the last 15 years.
He is also an expert when it comes to products. 13 years of working with Ingersoll Rand and Volvo Construction Equipment customers across Europe has made Darren finely attuned to all aspects of the business. From asphalt products and processes to engineering, product planning and marketing, Darren has a broad range of experience.

So if you want to interact with a true all-rounder in the road construction industry, then visit the Volvo stand to discover what Darren can share with you.

Hans-Jürgen Vogel

Hans-Jurgen Vogel

Do you have a sound strategy for your road construction business? Even if you do, you will be interested in the strategic wisdom of Hans-Jürgen Vogel. His role as a Business Planning and Product Target Manager for Volvo Construction Equipment has given Hans-Jürgen sound strategic insight into the industry.

Originally from an engineering background, Hans-Jürgen has a comprehensive level of experience with ABG pavers, compaction and milling equipment. As well as this, Hans-Jürgen has been a Head of Product Management at Ingersoll Rand and Head of Product Planning at Volvo CE.

But he also makes sure that he is an active member of the global asphalt industry. He regularly participates in industry events and is heavily involved in project development for paver and compaction. Hans-Jürgen leads the way when it comes to detecting and implementing new trends and technologies in the industry. If you want to discover what the key issues are for the future of the road construction industry, then come and see Hans-Jürgen.

Hermann Hundeling

Herman Hundeling

Remarketed products are becoming increasingly popular machine alternatives in the current industry climate. But are they the right choice for you? If you want to discover how they could benefit your business then head to the Volvo stand to interact with Herman Hundeling, our Volvo Approved Used Equipment expert.

Herman has been at the forefront of developing our remarketing business and has 21 years experience in the operative sales business of new and used heavy machinery. In addition to this commercial expertise, Herman is also an intelligence expert for global remarketing requirements. This commercial experience has equipped Herman with a diverse level of insight into the European and Middle Eastern markets.

But if you want to discover how Volvo Approved Used Equipment could directly benefit you, then Herman is the expert you need to see. He has developed a level of expertise in assessing a machine’s residual value, as well as trade-in and buy-back agreements. He is also an expert in risk analysis for used equipment and capital goods, as well as sales channel development.

Per Leis

Per Leis

Versatile machinery can make a big difference on job sites within cities and on municipal projects. Nobody understands this more so than Per Leis, Utility Products and Attachments Director at Volvo Construction Equipment.

Per has 18 years of experience in the construction industry. He has built his experience from the machine up, beginning his career on the wheel loader assembly line and progressing into commercial management for European markets. This combination of product knowledge and commercial application has made Per an expert when it comes to Utility and Attachment products.

In his current role, Per manages a range of products across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This breadth of experience makes Per an expert on diverse markets, with differing customer needs and opportunities. Whatever your Utility challenges, we’re confident that Per has the expertise that can make a difference to your business.

Frank Schmitt

Frank Schmitt

Oil and gas projects can be high-stakes ventures and you need the machinery to perform when you need it to. Frank Schmitt, our Pipeline Business Development Manager, handles these realities on a daily basis and is present at bauma 2013 to answer your questions.

Frank has developed a broad skill-set from diverse roles as a Product Manager and in sales planning. From technical aspects to commercial advice, Frank is a true all-round expert in this specialist field.

Whether you are a European contractor or are developing opportunities in the Middle East or Africa, Frank can provide you with industry insight and advice for your business. Speak to Frank on the Volvo stand to capitalise on your opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

Michael Ksionzek

Michael Ksionzek

Volvo Construction Equipment is more than a heavy machinery provider. We also cater for the financial needs of our customer. Michael Ksionzek is an expert in this field and truly understands how Volvo Financial Services can benefit our customers.

But what makes Michael different? Well he has spent 20 years working with top players in the construction and transport industry. He understands the financial issues that you are confronted with and can provide you with products suited to your needs.

From insurance and finance to leasing expertise, Michael is able to advise how Volvo Finance could open possibilities for your business.

So, if you have want to discover how Volvo could have the total solution for your business, then visit the Volvo stand and listen to what Michael has to say.

Michael Moulaert

Michael Moulaert

Total cost of ownership is where our customers are looking to make big savings in the current industry climate. It might just be the difference between those you develop opportunities and those who do not. So how do you reduce the total cost of ownership of your machine? Well, if you head to the Volvo stand and meet Michael Moulaert you will discover how.

Michael is a Customer Support Manager for Volvo Construction Equipment and as such is an expert in the aftermarket services and support that can help manage the total cost of ownership of your machine. From telematics systems and servicing to ongoing machine maintenance, Michael has 22 years of experience in this field.

Michael can accurately calculate the lifetime costs of a machine and advise how you can make repair and maintenance savings through Volvo’s Customer Support Agreements. He is also acutely aware of how technology can help you make real-time savings through fuel consumption reports, oil analysis and improving operator performance.

To discover how to reduce your total cost of ownership from a true expert in this field, then head to the Volvo stand and listen to what Michael has to say. It might be a conversation that you can’t afford to miss.

Jürgen Bernhardt

Jürgen Bernhardt

To improve efficiency and uptime on a demanding jobsite, you need the right team to pull together. Fortunately, Volvo Trucks are the perfect match for Volvo Construction Equipment machinery. To discover more about how Volvo Trucks can enhance your construction operations, visit the Volvo stand to speak with Jürgen Bernhardt.

Jürgen is a Volvo Trucks Product Manager for Region Central Europe and understands how Volvo Trucks machinery can integrate into your business. From a civil engineering and economics background, Jürgen combines scientific knowledge with commercial acumen to craft insightful pieces of advice for Volvo customers.

But importantly, Jürgen also has hands-on experience operating as a player within the automotive industry. Excelling in many different managerial positions, such as District Manager, Key-Account Manager and Product Manager in a large automotive supplier company, Juergen understands our customer’s situation because he has been there himself.

So, if you want to discover more about how the dynamic interplay of Volvo Trucks and Volvo Construction Equipment can make a difference to your business, make sure you speak to Jürgen.

Volvo Construction Equipment will be located at indoor stand 319/719 in Hall 4C and 
outdoor stand at 512/514.

We look forward to seing you at Bauma 2013