Working safely

A safer working environment

Construction sites are among the most dangerous work environments –every year thousands worldwide are injured or killed while working with or around machinery. While four fifths of the deaths are in developing countries, even the developed world’s tough site legislation, site codes of practice and the latest equipment safety devices can’t prevent accidents from happening.

Not only is the construction industry’s safety record a tragedy for those affected, it is also not a good advertisement to attract talented young people into the construction industry. Through knowledge and a concerted effort by everyone involved, we can positively impact the construction industry’s safety record and the lives of workers in our industry.
The cost of cutting corners

Accidents are generally the result of a chain of events and badly performed activities. Little corners cut here and there can add up to a big accident. But just as there is a chain of events leading up to an accident, there is a chain of safety events that can help prevent it. To address the issue of improving safety in and around construction equipment, Volvo has established a Safety Council. This Council has devised a three pronged approach that targets improvements in the areas of the Worksites, People and Machines. The following pages will discuss these issues individually.