Operator Idol

Operator Idol competition

Since 2011, Volvo CE China has held ‘Operator Idol’, a popular contest with a light-hearted name and a serious goal: to help operators learn more fuel-efficient driving techniques. If the operators of the 800,000 excavators working in China every day adopted the driving methods taught in Volvo CE’s Eco Operator training program, as many as 1.44 billion liters of fuel could be saved annually — that’s equal to 3.76 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

The contest has attracted thousands of participants and fans, and has reached nearly a quarter of the country’s one million excavator operators nationwide. As a result, more than 20,000 operators have received fuel-efficient driving training, either online or during one of Operator Idol’s city and regional competitions, making a powerful and lasting contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions in China.