Product development

Quality by Design

As a member of the Volvo Group we are part of developing the latest technology and have very advanced world class diesel engines and powertrain production facilities. Our first class research, design, purchasing and manufacturing resources are additional proof of our capabilities. We invest large sums of money into our design process in pursuit of our mission to produce high-quality machines that exceed customer satisfaction. Our customers are involved in customer clinics and throughout the whole design process to ensure the finished products fit their needs.

In order to enhance the offering to the customer and meet legislative demands more and new technology has been built into our machines, including more on-board electronics. An important part of the design process is to remove any complexity from the operator’s domain. When the machine hits the job site, the operator must be allowed to concentrate on the job at hand without being overwhelmed by technology.

Volvo Technology Centers
At Volvo Construction Equipment we have Technology Centers where customer needs are translated into world class new products. Our Technology Center design engineers are based around the world, from Changwon in South Korea to Eskilstuna in Sweden. Each is involved in the creation of new concepts for components through to complete machines. New products are designed and prototypes built, tested and verified.

The detail of development

Our design engineers are dedicated to translating customer needs into prototypes that are tested and optimised in order to help our customers improve efficiency, assure safety and at the same time, minimise the environmental impact.

We always use the latest simulation techniques to develop virtual reality machine models to examine new design ideas – all before a screw has been turned or a piece of metal cut.

Every feature of a machine and every Volvo construction equipment component is designed to maximise operational economy; every detail is tested to withstand extreme worksite conditions; and every step is taken to provide the operator with a safe and comfortable workplace.

Based on this rigorous design approach, constantly keeping customers’ needs in focus, we at Volvo Construction Equipment have been able to develop and produce premium construction machines that have become synonymous with our brand.

Systems engineering
The systems engineering methodology is a keystone of building quality into our designs. Systems Engineering is a systematic set of activities organized in a process and used to develop systems or to transform needs to solutions.

Implicit in the Systems Engineering method is a holistic approach and analytical work that progresses ‘from the outside inwards’. Decisions are based on the hard facts, and customer requirements and expectations serve as vital input.

Important benefits are an unwavering focus on customer needs and support for better decision-making, particularly in the early phases of a project.