Product conception

Born of Total Market Understanding

We begin to build quality into our machines long before the production process even begins by going the extra mile to attain a thorough understanding of our customers’ operations. We immerse ourselves in our customers’ business and use their expertise to learn what improvement we can make to improve their working life. This ‘Total Market Understanding’ approach allows us to develop a full product and service offer that suits our customers’ needs.

During the research phase of the conception process, we also ensure that every product relates to our core values of quality, safety and environmental care.

Listening to the customer
Our target is to be number one in the market when it comes to customer satisfaction, and to fulfil this ambition we recognise that we must listen to you as our customer at all times.

We take a proactive approach, gathering the vital feedback that makes your business a success. We regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys to ensure we are meeting our customers’ expectations; we use this valuable information as a key source when working with continuous improvement.

We also carry out independent ‘Voice of the Customer’ surveys. These surveys give us insight into our standard of availability, delivery, and after-sales service, including availability and quality of parts and timeliness of technical support.

Customer tailored solution
Customers use machines in differing ways and for a wide variety of tasks, so to improve the quality of service and product offering, we uses a segmentation approach. This gives an in-depth knowledge of each stage of every industrial application our machines operate. By understanding the processes involved, we can help customers develop better machinery and optimize each machine in our portfolio to provide a complete tailored package for the customer.