Customer Support

Products & Services you can rely on

Our customers are the only people qualified to judge our quality and whether we achieve our primary goal of supplying products that live up to – and exceed – customer satisfaction.

Achieving customer satisfaction
For us, satisfied customers are always front of mind. Our target is to be number one in customer satisfaction. Therefore, our mission is to develop equipment and services that provide trouble-free operation and create value for our customers.

Our regularly conducted Customer Satisfaction Surveys provide clear indicators of how to constantly improve and reinforce our position as regards to customer satisfaction.

To this end, together with our dealers, we will continue to pay uncompromising attention to earning our customer’s trust. Because we know a reputation for customer satisfaction, like a reputation for quality, is something that must be earned – through determination and dedicated, consistent efforts. 

Customer Support
Our quality service does not stop when we have delivered the machine to the customer. We aim for complete customer satisfaction throughout the lifecycle of the product, by allowing the operator to get on with the job while we worry about maintaining the equipment. Volvo Construction Equipment has a network of 10,000 service technicians in 2,000 service points across 150 countries, which means we can carry out regular maintenance work efficiently and respond to emergencies rapidly.

With consistent care and attention, our Customer Support Team will ensure maximum uptime for our customers’ machines, as well as offering a wide range of parts and soft & hard products tailored to customer needs.

The safe choice
When you buy Genuine Volvo Parts you’re buying peace of mind. You get parts that are designed and developed specifically for your machine, parts with maximum durability and performance. Some non-Volvo parts may initially seem cheaper – but they can work out more expensive in the long run. They have not been produced to Volvo specifications for material quality and manufacturing tolerances – this could mean a reduced service life for the part and reduced performance from your machine.

Every Genuine Volvo Part works in harmony with the whole machine and that gives you a longer operating life, with improved lifetime economy.

Choosing Genuine Volvo Parts for your Volvo machine is the safest option.

You get ….

  • High Quality and good total economy
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • Parts developed specifically for your machine
  • Optimum machine performance
  • High machine availability
  • The latest technology
  • Volvo standards of safety
  • Improved residual machine value
  • Fast and dependable deliveries