A precondition for business growth

What do you need to grow your business?

It’s easy to agree that satisfying the needs of our customers throughout the lifecycle of their equipment is the heart and the soul of delivering quality. But it’s another thing again to discover exactly what those needs are and translate them into the right products and services – the ones that help you grow your business.

Our customers range from large construction companies to small family-run operations active in a wide spectrum of enterprises, activities and applications. But what they all have in common in the increasingly competitive environments they do business in and the stringent demands these environments place on our products and services

What do customers say?

We put a great deal of time and effort into systematically gathering feedback and information about what you require from us. One example of how we do this is our Customer Satisfaction Surveys, which we use to learn about purchasing and ownership experiences.

Conducted regularly around the world by independent researchers, Customer Satisfaction Surveys ultimately result in a number of Key Performance Indicators. These include, for example, delivery precision, availability and quality of service and parts, technical support and other measurable performance criteria. Which we and our dealers act upon – and then we measure again.

What do our dealers say?
Our dealers are the people who know most about our customer requirements. They meet with our customers daily during the sales process and in connection with aftermarket support and services.

We need them to listen to what the customers have to say and channel it back to our organization. And as part of our dealer-training program, we show them how to do it.

We gather feedback through regularly conducted Dealer Satisfaction Surveys, and we also provide our dealers with an open forum where they’re expected to make customer feedback available on matters ranging from opinions about equipment, service, and aftermarket support, to suggestions for improvement and requests for product updates.

Quality means we must ….

  • Develop and offer products and services that meet customer needs, including flawless product features for maximum uptime and cost-efficiency
  • Meet customers’ performance, durability and safety criteria
  • Meet customers’ cost and price targets
  • Provide excellent customer support – technical and otherwise
  • Deliver the right products and services – on time
  • Meet all legal requirements at any given time
  • Be approachable and nurture excellent customer relations
  • Do it all in an efficient, ethical and timely manner