Eco Operator scheme cuts fuel consumption

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Eco Operator is a programme from Volvo Construction Equipment that teaches fuel efficient and environmentally friendly methods of working.

No matter how environmentally friendly a piece of equipment is, the operator has a greater effect on fuel consumption and productivity in today’s modern machines. Eco Operator is a new training programme from Volvo Construction Equipment that gives operators the practical and theoretical knowledge they need to become safer, more efficient and environmentally conscious while operating equipment.

The programme teaches operators correct machine operation and maneuvering as well as how to plan their work in the smartest, most efficient way. By following these techniques, operators can help save money on fuel, increase overall production and reduce maintenance expenses.

Operating in a productive and fuel efficient way often means easing up on the accelerator. Operators are more productive when they slow down and work smarter. Smoother, more deliberate operation also means less stress and fatigue for the operator – yet maintains productivity. And reduced operator stress results in increased operating efficiency. Additionally, good planning and execution decreases wear on the machine and lengthens service life.

Theory & Practice
Eco Operator is a training programme that consists of both classroom theoretical training and practical, hands-on experience. The content can be further customized with additional modules such as environmental training, simulator based training and on site follow-up. For the operation portion, a trainer sits with the operator in his own machine on an actual jobsite. The trainer gives guidance on how to change behavior in order to operate more fuel efficiently. This not only helps operators learn on a machine they’re already familiar with, but the training course does not disturb the normal operations of a jobsite – so workers stay productive.

Major contractor Skanska was one of the companies to enroll their operators in a similar scheme. In one study where 37 of its operators were given training, it was found that fuel consumption reduced by 5 % – representing savings of over €250,000 and a reduction in emissions of 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Some operators reduced their consumption by 25%.

Some of the tips that operators learn in the Eco Training programme:

- Correct tyre (tyre inflation) pressure. Keeping tyres properly inflated reduces wear and lowers fuel consumption.
- Ease up on the accelerator. A lighter foot increases productivity.
- Slow down. Stay in the most economical portion of the engine speed range by slowing down engine speed.
- Plan the work. Keep an eye on the worksite. Make sure it is clean and remove any obstacles that may cause unnecessary detours.
- Cooperate. Consult with other operators so that wheel loaders, haulers and excavators work together in the most efficient way.
- Shut it down. Don’t idle unnecessarily.
- The right equipment. Machine suited to the task saves on fuel and maintenance.

The availability of the course will vary from market to market. The roll out will be sequential.

For further information, please contact:

For further information, please contact:

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