A vision of paving perfection. Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has released a design impression in a sneak preview of its exciting new concept machine. Code named ‘Fenix’ the full details of the paver are a closely guarded secret.  Now Volvo has revealed some key facts about this innovative machine.

Fenix is the paver for the year 2025, and Volvo has offered the world a glimpse into the design and functionality of this innovative machine.

Volvo has established itself as a market leader in designing and producing flexible paving solutions, since it entered the road machinery segment 3 years ago. But through the creation of Fenix, it has taken the Paver concept to a new dimension.  The Fenix stands in a class of its own as an exciting, futuristic solution to paving problems.  And every function is aligned with Volvo's core values of safety, quality and environmental care.

Like its namesake, the mythical phoenix bird, this paver appears to be just as invincible.


With a series of solar powered pods filled with asphalt heated to the perfect temperature, Fenix takes the entire paving process into its own hands. And this improves the accuracy of the final pavement.

Pods are filled with up to 25 tonnes of hot mix material and positioned along the road building work site at intervals where they can be self loaded and unloaded by the specially adapted Paver.

The hydraulics system works smoothly and without any interruptions to easily transfer the mix onto the pavement before it cools. This unstoppable process helps to boost productivity and cut costs. There is no waiting for the next truck filled with hot mix to arrive.

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Environmental care

The Fenix's hydraulics use water instead of oil and the engine is a hybrid of diesel, hydrogen and electricity.  It is self recycling in that it reuses the heat of the process.  Even the yellow colour is heat absorbent. It's also designed to handle bio materials and other environmentally friendly paving mixes. The paving materials of the future have less hardening time, which helps to combat emissions.


There's a comfy ride for the operator, with a noise reducing cab. Perched up high, operators have full 360 degrees visibility, with lights that shine where the operators look. In essence, this paver is an intelligent machine performing in the smartest way possible.

Packed with other safety features, the machine uses laser cones to create a virtual fence around the paving area. And the empty pods also act as crash barriers preventing other vehicles from coming too close.  So it's safe inside and out.

Whilst Fenix is only a futuristic concept at the current time, it is a sign of the innovative nature of Volvo CE's engineers and is likely to yield a number of new ideas and technical solutions in future years.

The Fenix concept will be exclusively unveiled at the Intermat international exhibition, held in Paris from 20-25 April 2009. And it promises to be a must-see.

Fenix is the latest in a series of futuristic concept machines released by Volvo CE. For details and films showing the previous concept machines please visit:


February 2009

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