Taking care of the operator

The industry-leading Volvo Care Cab boasts some of the most advanced features that allow operators to feel safe, comfortable and in control. They meet all international standards, such as Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Objects Protective Structure (FOPS) standards.  We go go further with lower noise and vibrations levels, improved climate control and better visibility.

The Care Cab is designed for safety, comfort and control:

  • Excellent front and rear visibility thanks to ergonomically-located large rear-view mirrors; easy-to-grip, sturdy grab handles; exits in two directions, easily opened from the inside.

  • Market-leading cab climate and filter system; seat with ample adjustment features and seat belt; viscous cab mounts to help eliminate unwanted noise and vibrations. Adjustable steering wheel and lever console; sliding window; easy-to-read instruments; comfort drive control; easy access controls and switches.