Volvo CE crowns top excavator operators in fuel efficiency challenge


Volvo Construction Equipment’s second national operator contest in China comes to an end in Shanghai, naming one talented operator as the country’s ‘Operator Idol.’

Operator Idol 

The ultimate showdown for ‘Operator Idol,’ Volvo’s second national operator contest for China, was held this week in Shanghai — and three of the competition’s 24 finalists have emerged as the country’s Operator Idols after completing numerous challenges over the past six months. Another two operators were also named the ‘Popular Idol’ and ‘Lucky Idol.’ Top executives from Volvo CE, as well as from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Department of Energy Conservation and Resources Utilization, and the China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA), took part in the occasion to extend their congratulations to the winners.

The Operator Idol contest was first organized in partnership with the China Construction Machinery Association in 2011 with the guidance and support of the Department of Energy Conservation and Resources Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT). Building upon last year’s success, the 2012 Operator Idol contest attracted 157,942 excavator operator contestants from across China — an increase of 80% on last year. Its success is strong evidence that the competition has won widespread recognition for the unique experience it provides and innovative fuel-saving approach.

“Guided by Volvo’s core values of ‘quality, safety and environmental care,’ the 2012 Operator Idol contest represents Volvo CE’s ongoing commitment to the development and practice of fuel-efficient operating techniques,” said Lawrence Luo, president of Volvo CE sales region China. “Through these two annual contests, we have successfully taught and promoted fuel-efficient driving techniques among excavator operators across China. We are confident that all the participants will benefit from the competition in the economic and environmental perspectives.”

This year’s competition was a breakthrough for Volvo CE in terms of its scale, the talent of contestants and industry influence,” stated Qi Jun, chairman of the China Construction Machinery Association. “New elements were added to make the contest larger, more professional and more influential in the industry. The contest not only showcased the pride of China’s excavator operators but also exuded a positive and progressive energy that benefitted the construction machinery industry in China. Moreover, 120 mechanical repair and maintenance programs were introduced, helping make this year’s competition a model for talent development.”

Bigger than ever
The 2012 Operator Idol Contest was designed to cultivate more fuel-efficient excavator operators and a more environmentally friendly industry. The exciting atmosphere of the competition enabled operators to enhance their fuel-efficient driving skills while having fun at the same time. More than 6,800 people have directly participated in 34 city contests nationwide, nearly 10,000 people have participated in fuel-efficient driving skills training both online and at competition sites, and over 100,000 people have participated in the festivities via the Operator Idol Club and other online platforms.

Operator Idol

Yang Tiesheng, deputy director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Resource Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China, said: “Through continuous innovation, the organizers of the competition have used Operator Idol to make positive contributions to energy conservation and emissions reduction in the industry. Furthermore, the theme of this competition has created a platform for more talented excavator operators in China and has resonated with the everyday experiences of excavator operators.”

The competition’s Ultimate Fuel-saving Driving Challenge, including the golf challenge and fuel-saving programs, simulated actual operating conditions, forcing operators to consider both construction and fuel-efficiency techniques. In the exhibition area, contestants were able to watch competition highlights and learn more about the operators’ personal experiences.

The awards dinner took on a joyous tone once the Idol winners were announced. After the ‘Lucky Idol’ was drawn, the ‘Popular Stars’ from all four regions performed, delighting onlookers, and the final “Popular Idol” was determined by guest, online and SMS votes. The top three Operator Idols were also unveiled.

Operator Idol

Following the contest’s successful completion, the organizers will publish the final competition results, highlights, and winners on its official website. Excavator operators can learn more about Operator Idol from the following address: http://t.qq.com/volvoce2011.


November 2012

Picture 1: The winners of the Operator Idol, Lucky Idol and Popular Idol titles are pictured with Lawrence Luo, president of Volvo CE sales region China (far right), and Qi Jun, chairman of the China Construction Machinery Association (far left).

Picture 2: A Volvo excavator participates in a contest of skill and precision during China’s Operator Idol contest.

Picture 3: Operator Idol participants celebrate following the completion of the contest.

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