Pat Olney, President & CEO of Volvo Construction Equipment, about the Volvo Ocean Race

Why does Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE), along with the rest of the Volvo Group and Volvo Cars sponsor the Volvo Ocean Race? At first glance, there might not seem to be a big connection between a construction equipment manufacturer and an eight-month-long, around-the-world sailing competition. But actually, the Volvo Ocean Race has many of the same characteristics we regard most highly at Volvo CE.


The race contains some strong parallels to the Volvo Way. At Volvo CE, we infuse everything we do with energy, passion and respect for one another – and so do the sailors on those boats. For nine months – an eternity by sporting standards – these yacht crews push the limits of what they can accomplish. They demonstrate exceptional levels of grit and fortitude as they deal with risk and uncertainty, and they have to work together to chart a course in the best and fastest way. The race requires absolute dedication – the same kind of dedication I expect everyone at Volvo CE to show our customers. All of these principles epitomize the kind of organization we want to be. That’s why I find it easy to connect with the Volvo Ocean Race, and I think the sailors’ perseverance, skill and bravery during this epic event have the power to inspire people all around the world.


I encourage you to tune in to the race. Get excited about this incredible event. Even if you’re far from the action, our comprehensive website – – allows you to plug into the Ocean Race through virtual activities and live race footage. It’s the most direct way to access the race outside of actually being there.