Report after round 1

EMEA shows team spirit – 158 teams registered for round 2!

We are so impressed of the high motivation that was shown in region EMEA the last weeks!

In our Masters web platform over 1240 participants registered until the end of May.  This number of registrations is so amazing and shows the high motivation for a competition like this.

Round 1 was a theoretical test on our Masters platform with 30 questions. After round 1 ended at the beginning of August, we published the ranking which yielded the rank and the points the participants reached in the test. 

With the ranking list as an orientation the dealers then had to build as many teams as possible for the second round.

The individual competition turned into a team competition.

Now the challenge for all participants is to be strong as an individual but also being a good team player to guarantee the team success.

The goal was to initiate team spirit in the dealership - and it definitely worked!

474 participants from 35 different countries formed 158 teams to compete against each other in round 2 which started on Monday, 16th of September.

One team consists of three team members, one parts and one service technician is mandatory.

The dealers sent us all their teams with the members and also creative names like “Lagos Winners” or “Ignition Team”. It showed us that on the one hand the participants see it as a strong competition with burning ambition and team spirit but on the other hand as a competition with a lot of fun and exciting experiences, they are looking forward to.

Due to the unexpected number of team nominations the web platform had to be adjusted.

In the following chart you see the rate of participants and registered teams from the different Hubs:

All HUBs

The following charts will give you an overview of the different Hubs. They show which countries participate and how many teams they sent:

Hub East
In Hub East we have 38 teams from 7 different countries. The diagram shows which countries participate and how many teams they built:

Hub East

Hub North
There are 35 teams from 7 countries in Hub North. The following graph is about the number of participating teams from the different countries:

Hub North

Hub South
We are very glad to see that Hub South has teams from 9 different countries.  Which countries the 26 teams come from, shows the next chart:

Hub South

Hub West
Hub West has the largest number of team nominations. We are glad to see that there are 59 teams from 12 different countries:

Hub West

All dealer teams are competing against each other in round 2 now. The participants log in into the new web platform again. Now the teams have to go through a theoretical test with one common questionnaire. 40 questions from both areas, parts and service, need to be answered form the whole team together.

Every team member has to prove his/her own knowledge but also to trust the rest of the team which is a very important success factor.

Masters 2013-2014

After round 2 the best team from each dealership is going to represent the dealer/country in the Hub Final. We will have the four Hub Finals in Casablanca (South), Eskilstuna (North), Wroclaw (West) and Dubai (East).

These regional Semi Finals (Hub Finals) will be face to face events with theoretical and practical tests under the supervision of a jury. We can already feel motivation, ambition and team spirit in the air!


The Region EMEA Final will take place at the Training Center in Konz (Germany) where we expect an amazing event in March 2014.  

We are looking forward to this great competition!

“All The Best” for you!

Best regards

The Administration Team EMEA

Wolfgang Lehmann   

Silvia Bach                   

Sorin Hogea-Laszlo    

Luisa Kärner                

Masters 2013-2014