EMEA - Report after round 2

EMEA´s BEST selection!

We are getting closer to our best technicians in Region EMEA. 158 people within 33 teams participated in round 2 where they answered 37 parts and service questions about Volvo machines.

Round 3 is just around the corner! The “semifinals” are organized in our four hubs where the teams should show their best performance to step forward in the EMEA final. Not only in an excellent trouble shooting strategy, also their performance about Safety and Environmental Care could be the key to succeed in this competition. 

We are proud to present you the teams which will compete against the others face to face in their hub.

EMEA Report after round2

*Teams nomination not finalized yet

The challenge for all participants is to be strong as an individual but also being a good team player to guarantee the team success.

The Region EMEA Final will take place at the Training Center in Konz (Germany) where we expect an amazing event in March 2014.
EMEA Report after round2
We are looking forward to this great competition!

“All The Best” for you!

Best regards

The Administration Team