VOLVO CE MASTERS 2013-2014 Region EMEA

The EMEA Masters Competition consists of 4 different Rounds. After each participant has signed in in May 2013, the EMEA Masters Competition will start in June 2013 with the Round 1. The first Round is within each Volvo Dealership to find the “Dealers Best” and to form their Teams. Round one ends in August 2013. In Round 2, all Dealer-Teams compete to find the Team to represent their company. The Round two starts in September 2013 and ends end of October 2013. The next challenge is Round 3, the HUB-Finals. The Round 3 competition will take place between November 2013 and February 2014. Here the teams will meet in different locations (Training Centers), depending on their HUB-Region. In this practical and theoretical Event, the winning teams of Round two stay in contest to find the Teams representing their Hub-Region in the Round 4, the EMEA Masters Final. In March 2014, all winning teams from Round 3 will come to the Training Center Konz, Germany to find the best two Teams that will take the last step in the Masters Competition, the Global Final in Sweden during the summer 2014. For all participants of Round one and two, the Region EMEA has a special surprise to offer, which we will inform later in the Masters News on the Masters Web Portal. So, everyone has the chance to be a winner in this competition!