Farm tractors – Munktell

Thirty-one of the first Munktell tractors were built, with engines that were also made by Munktells. These were actually two single-cylinder 15 bhp engines coupled together. According to notes that have been found, 1+10+20 of these tractors were built. Sales journals for 1915–1925 showed that the tractor was difficult to sell after 1916, when Munktells presented a new, lighter model with a single-cylinder engine.
Some of the older tractors were exported – amongst other places to Hungary in 1918, Argentina in 1924 and Poland in 1925.
The first tractor was sold for a price of SEK 17 500, which was expensive in those days. By comparison, a self-propelled traction engine of 24 bhp (the SK-4) cost SEK 7 100. The price then rose to SEK 27 500 in 1918 but had fallen to SEK 14 000 by 1922.