Engines – Munktell

In the late 19th- early 20th century, steam powered engines were seriously threatened as the industrial combustion engine entered the market. Forseeing the change of tide, Munktell-engineers immediately started on the designing of combustions engines before many competitors and rethought many production designs as well as adapted already proven vehicles to the new technology. Restructuring of the product line and the production systems were carried out in order to adapt Munktells Mekaniska Verkstads AB to the new needs of the market.

In 1913, the company presented its first tractor – indeed the very first tractor of any kind in Sweden – with an internal combustion engine. It was a two-cylinder, 30-40 horsepower (Swedish hk) crude-oil engine. The tractor itself was a giant weighing 8 t with rear wheels of a diameter of 2,1 m. The cooling system had a capacity of 400 litres of water. Maximum speed was 3,2 km/h.