Engines – Avance

Following a few years of success manufacturing paraffin oil portable stoves branded Primus, the engineer and industrial pioneer Johan Victor Svenson decided to expand his operation and move away from the business which had made him a wealthy man.

In 1898 J.V. Svenson founded the J.V. Svensons Automobilfabrik on the banks of Nacka, a suburb of Stockholm. His idea was to follow in the footsteps of the early automobile engineers and create a car for domestic demand. However because the industry had sped away during the establishing of the factory, mainly because of the Ford automobile company's enormous success, Svenson decided on focusing mainly on engine production. By the start of the new century Svenson had bought rights to use a patent of the British new hot bulb engine. In 1900 Swedens very first crude oil engine saw the light of day and it wasn't long before the first marine version was available for the market

In 1901 a  range of 4 to 20 hp (Swedish hp) engines could be ordered from the soon to be renamed company. J.V. Svensons Automobilfabrik became J.V. Svensons Motorfabrik. As a natural evolution of the business line, being strong manufacturers of engines, a line of motorized plows/farm tractors soon followed suite. In 1922, following some very tough years the company was taken over by the Swedish bank Handelsbanken and renamed AB Avancemotor.

As of 1929, the Avance brand became a part of Volvo history. With the purchase from Handelsbanken came one of the most popular names in the crude-oil engine industry at the time and some of the best engnes made during this period.