Volvo BL60 Backhoe loader - features & benefits

1973 – Low emission diesel engine

Stricter emission requirements have over the years successively been imposed on vehicles all over the world. Public opinion and legislators are calling for reductions of the exhaust emission levels, whereas owners and users are requiring also ever-lower fuel consumption.

Volvo took the first step towards cleaner exhaust emissions in the early 1950's with the turbo-charging engines that reduced levels of carbon monoxide (CO), hydro-carbons (HC) and smoke. Ever since, Volvo/Volvo Construction Equipment has been a world leader in exhaust emission control.

The next steps were to successively improve the fuel injection system and introduce Intercooling for more efficient, cleaner combustion. Today, Volvo diesel engines have systems for high performance and low emission levels – two seemingly incompatible concepts.

In the mid 1970's, Volvo Construction Equipment introduced the Volvo low emission diesel engines in wheel loaders and articulated haulers in virtually all parts of the world. Nowadays, all Volvo engines are "low emission", complying with all known emission standards worldwide.

"Environmental Care" is a Volvo core value and the Volvo diesel engines are a prime example of the company's efforts and achievements for a cleaner environment.