Volvo BL60 Backhoe loader - features & benefits

1966 – Articulated haulers

One of the company's star products is the articulated hauler. It all started in the mid 1960's, when there was a demand for an all-terrain hauler that could be used in tough and difficult conditions. In response to this, the company presented the world's first series manufactured articulated hauler – the DR 631 – in 1966.

It was a unique and entirely new machine concept that within a few years would revolutionize earth moving and other demanding mass transport operations in the construction sector. In the 1980's, this type of machine had a market share of over 50%.

By developing new versions with six-wheel drive, larger load capacities and successively other innovative, productivity-boosting features, the Volvo articulated haulers have maintained world market leadership.

In 2006 the 50 000th unit rolled off its production line. This was the same year that marked the 40 year aniversary of the very first commercial articulated hauler. The commemorative machine was painted not in the familiar yellow, to celebrate both events, the
50 000th unit was painted in distinctive 'Volvo blue' and was displayed at the Intermat exhibition in Paris in April that year.