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1913 – Tractor

In 1913, Munktell presented Sweden's first agricultural tractor with an internal combustion engine. A two-cylinder crude-oil engine that developed 30 hp powered it. The tractor itself was a giant weighing eight t. with rear wheels 2,1 m. high. The cooling system had a capacity of 400 l. of water. Maximum speed was a colossal 3,2 km/h...

31 examples of the first Munktell tractor were built and despite the price (27 500 SEK in 1918), 28 of them were sold between 1915 and 1925. After 1916 Munktell sold only a few examples per year since they had presented a new, lighter model with a single-cylinder engine.

Some of the older tractors were exported – i.e. to Hungary, Argentina and Poland in the 1920's.

After a period of approximately 70 years and as a result of declining profitability, it was decided to phase out tractor manufacture. The last agricultural tractor left the company in 1984.