Johan Theofron Munktell

1805 J T Munktell was born in the parish of Kärrbo in Västerås Diocese. He was the son of a clergyman, Dr. Johan Fredrik Munktell, vicar of Kärrbo.

1822 His engineering career began in Stockholm with mining and metallurgical engineer Gustaf Broling.

1825 Studied with Samuel Owen.

1826 Appointed Master Mechanic at the Royal Mint.

1828 Became owner of a small foundry in Stockholm.

1832 Started Eskilstuna Mekaniska Verkstad at the city council's request. Received three years of state subsidy at 200 Swedish Riksdaler/year plus some support from the city.

1833 Received the "Illis Quorum" medal for his work at the Royal Mint.

1835 Went to England for studies.

1836 Was given the title of Director.

1837 Obtained land to the north of the city and started building a workshop.

1839 Transferred to the newly built workshop at Nithammaren.

1849 Dubbed Knight of the Order of Vasa.

1850 Built a foundry at Klosterström.

1860 The Eskilstuna Canal Company opened for traffic from Eskilstuna to Torshälla at Munktell's initiative.

1863 Included his son, Theofron Munktell, and nephew, Theofron Boberg, in the management.

1866 Dubbed Knight of the Order of the North Star.

1877 J T Munktell becomes knight of Wasaorden.

1879 Restructured the company as a joint stock company under the leadership of his son Theofron Munktell Jr.

1884 Made honorary member of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Royal Academy of Science.

1887 Died on 4 July.