Johan Theofron Munktell memoires

"In early 1832, I was called upon by the Board of Carl Gustafs Stads Krono Gevärsfaktori and Eskilstuna City to set up an engineering workshop in order to provide manufacturers with more appropriate tools and equipment in the making of locks, ironwork for construction and various other goods. The Board had, from the Government, obtained a State Subsidy of 200 Swedish Riksdaler per year for three years as support for the facilities. As I learned later, the Board Member living in Eskilstuna had other plans in transferring me there, but his demise shortly thereafter liberated me from obligations that would have doubtless set my life on a different course."
"However, as fate would have it, the Riksdag granted a State Subsidy in 1853 of 100 000 Swedish Riksdaler, whereafter I succeeded, with great effort and pecuniary sacrifice, in forming a company. Eskilstuna Canal, with its two 140-foot locks (20 ft longer than on Göta Canal) was completed and opened in the spring of 1860 at a cost of around 280 000 Swedish Riksdaler, which brought a turning point in the life of Eskilstuna City, as it now had a direct link with the Capital."