Jean (Johan) Bolinder

1813 Jean Bolinder was born in Vaksala, Uppland, the son of Rector Erik Bolinder and Johanna Elisabeth.

1829 Succeeded J T Munktell at Mining and metallurgical engineer Gustaf Broling.

1834 Took up position at Master Mechanic at the Royal Mint after Munktell.

1842 Travelled to England to study.

1844 Opened a workshop in Stockholm together with his brother, Carl Gerhard.

1845 Registered the company as Kungholmens Gjuteri & Mekaniska Werkstad.

1873 Restructured operations as a joint stock company under the name of J & CG Bolinders Mekaniska Verkstads AB.

1874 Acquired property No. 4 on Blasieholm Quay in Stockholm. Engaged the architect Hugo Zettervall to design and build a palace in the style of the Venetian renaissance.

1878 The Bolinderska Palace, which now houses the Royal Automobile Club, was inaugurated.

1881 Resigned as managing director and sold a large part of his shareholding. The new managing director was JH Palme.

1888 Returned to the company management after the plant manager, Jacobi, retired for health reasons.

1899 Died in March.