Carl Gerhard Bolinder

1818 Born in Vaksala, Uppland in Sweden, the son of Rector Erik Bolinder and Johanna Elisabeth.

1837 Left Uppsala Cathedral School, became a carpenter's apprentice at Samuel Owen's model workshop in Stockholm.

1838 Joined the Swedish Ironmasters' Association as a trainee and was transferred to Motala Verkstad.

1840 Master Mechanic at Kockums Verkstäder in Malmö.

1842 Travelled to England to study together with his brother, Jean.

1844 Opened a workshop together with Jean.

1845 Production Manager and the most technically knowledgeable of the two brothers.

1882 Resigned as plant manager and sold a large part of his shareholding. Transferred much of the corporate responsibility to his son, Erik August Bolinder.

1888 Rejoined the top management for a short period.

1892 Due to illness, he retired in 1892 and died in 1894.