J.V. Svensons Motorfabrik

After switching name from J.V. Svensons Automobilfabrik and wIth the decision to concentrate on engine production primarily, came success as few companies at the time had enjoyed. Being first on the Swedish market with the engine type that was to effectively kill the steam engine J.V. Svensons Motorfabrik had a lead on the competition which enabled a large expansion. Many boats were now equipped with Avance engines and a huge market had opened selling engines for tractors in Russia. Motorized plows and tractors were hitting the market in the 1910's and J.V. Svensons Motorfabrik soon followed suit.

Svenson was well-liked by his employees and tried to make travel to and from work as easy as possible. He bought a boat which picked up workers at "Slussen" in Stockholm and dropped them off at the factory in the morning and vice versa in the afternoon. He also built a shop for his workers and a school for their children.

Swedens first engine-powered plough was manufactured.

By 1917 J.V. Svensons Motorfabrik was the largest private employer in Sweden with over 500 employees. This was however the year where the Russian market really took a plunge with the start of the revolution. Because the Russian market had been a big part of the business things quickly took a turn for the worse.

Engineer Fritz Nilsson designed and patented the world´s first - and probably only - tractor with feet and legs instead ot drive wheels. This was an attmept to deal with the problem of the slipperiness which the tractors experienced. Because the tractors had cast iron wheels it was very hard to get good traction out on muddy and slippery fields. Although the design of the footed tractor was quite ingenious, at the same time the rubber tire entered the market for tractors and Nilssons invention was rendered obsolete.

By 1922 with the political situation, a bad financial position and not very understanding Bank officials the company finally went into bankruptsy and the business was turned over to the bank. Following the change in owners, the company was subsequently renamed AB Avancemotor.