J.V. Svensons Fotogenköksfabrik

In 1887, after coming back from years of service on different naval crafts, among which the ship Vanadis which circumnavigated the globe, Johan Victor Svenson bought the smithy were he had worked as a boy. A few years later, in 1892, he and the inventor F W Lindqvist started production of the laters new revolutionary paraffin stove in that same workshop, and now the business really took of. The company was called J.V. Svensons Fotogenköksfabrik and the new product bore the name of Primus and was to become known the world over, thanks largely to an enterprising general agent by the name of B A Hiort (Bahco).

With the dawning of the new century and after enormous success with the Primus stove, J.V. Svenson wanted to start production of something new, the recently invented automobile. He founded the new factory and business, J.V. Svensons Automobilfabrik