Volvo Reman – Factory Remanufactured Components

Optimize your machine with Volvo Reman Factory Remanufactured Components.

Highest quality and reliability
Like in the body, every Volvo component is engineered for optimized performance. So why compromise machine uptime with anything else? With Volvo Reman you get factory remanufactured components that offer the highest quality and reliability available – a key to maximizing machine uptime. 

Includes latest upgrades
Much more than a conventional rebuild, a Volvo remanufactured component includes all the latest upgrades and technical modifications, making it actually better than the one it is replacing. Since nobody knows Volvo machines better than Volvo, you can also look forward to a perfect fit.

An economical solution
Replacing worn components with Volvo Reman is quick, convenient and makes economic sense. You get the same high quality and long service life as new Volvo components – but at a lower price for best possible ownership economy.

Full Volvo warranty
Volvo Reman remanufactured components come with a full Volvo warranty. This is proof that they meet the highest quality standards and are precisely configured for your machine.

Because every part is vital
So keep your machine running, while doing the environment a favor by giving new life to old components. Simply put, everybody wins. Volvo Reman – because every part is vital.