CareTrack saves engine seizure


Fast action by Indian dealer Infra Equip following a remote CareTrack engine oil pressure alert saved its customer having to replace a wheel loader’s engine.

CareTrack saves engine seizure

Known locally as the princely ‘City of Nawabs’, Lucknow is located on the banks of the River Gomti and is the capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Lying just south of the Nepalese border, the city dates back to the Suryavanshi Dynasty of 8,000 B.C. and is rich in history and culture. The ancient Nawab people who settled here left behind a host of well-loved literature, music, dance and art, which remain despite the city having undergone a great deal of modernization over the last 10 millennia.

Contributing towards some of the more recent changes to the city’s landscape is highway and infrastructure contractor APCO Infratech. A customer of Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) since 2011, APCO relies on the quality of its machinery to keep jobsites up and running. The company currently owns a fleet of 23 Volvo machines, including motor graders for the highways section of the business, and wheel loaders to move materials at its quarry.

Don’t stop running
“Machine downtime is the most costly problem our customers face – so keeping their machines up and running is the key for us to maintain a good relationship,” explains Amit Singh, Customer Support manager at Indian Volvo CE dealer Infra Equip. “Unfortunately faults do inevitably occur and when they do, our priority is to alert the customer and fix them as soon as possible.”

Infra Equip demonstrated its ability to quickly and efficiently resolve machine downtime issues when an alert was raised via Volvo CE’s patented telematics system, CareTrack. Recently, one of APCO Infratech’s wheel loaders signalled that the engine oil pressure had dropped to critical levels – and continuing operation of the machine could lead to more severe – possibly catastrophic engine damage.

“This is not a common fault,” explains Singh, “Without the help of CareTrack, it’s something that could easily go unnoticed and cause additional damage to the engine – a costly and time-consuming problem to repair. With the help of CareTrack, we were able to notify the customer straight away to avoid any damage being made to the engine. And better still, we were able to cross-check the CareTrack fault information with engine oil pressure data from MATRIS – Volvo CE’s on-board electronic diagnostic system – to make a fast and accurate diagnosis.”

At your service
Within 24 hours, a service technician had attended to the machine on site, to further investigate the trigger of the alarm. It transpired that a fuel pump had stopped working properly, causing the engine oil pressure to drop. Had the machine continued to operate, there is a strong possibility that the engine would seize – generating huge costs for the customer in terms of parts and labour and the additional downtime.

A trusted partnership
According to Singh, who is in charge of customer support at the local Volvo CE dealer, replacing an engine can take up to 17 days and costs in excess of 2.3 million Indian rupees (US$ 36,000). “The swift action taken by our service and maintenance teams resulted in savings in excess of 1.5 million rupees (US$ 24,000) and more than 10 days of downtime,” says Singh. “We see ourselves as the business partners of our customers because helping their businesses to thrive in turn helps ours. So we always do our best to keep our customers’ machines up and running no matter what.”


Text by: Holly Brace

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