Volvo Pipelayers

Volvo Pipelayers

Volvo pipelayers have evolved from the simple but brilliant idea of basing the design on an excavator chassis.  The resulting machines offer best in class stability, manoeuvrability and safety.

360° swing capability from an excavator-based design delivers unprecedented flexibility in pipelaying operations.

The Volvo Load Management System allows operators to see the maximum load they can safely lift relative to the slope they are on – ensuring stability and safety.

The purpose-built cab has been designed to allow maximum visibility and operator comfort – and on the PL3005D the cab can elevate for better visibility.

Versatile boom conversion from a pipelayer to an optional excavator digging configuration.

Volvo pipelayers are available in a range of sizes with maximum tipping capacities from 51 to 68 tonnes. 

Models available: 


Please contact us to discuss which pipelayer is the right choice for you.

Please note

The Volvo Pipelayer is not available in all markets in Africa - please check with you local dealer for more details.