Volvo P4370B paver: Paving the way to smooth profitability.

The Volvo P4370B paver is the asphalt, wheeled paver you expect from a machine that is all Volvo through and through - from engine to components, hopper to screed. It's the trusted solution for contractors working in all utility, highway and commercial paving applications. And because this paver delivers day-after-day reliability, along with comfort, safety and exceptional visibility, the only thing owners and operators need to worry about is getting on to the next profitable job.

Top features of the P4370B paver include:

Volvo engine provides best in class power

Volvo P4370B paver Volvo D5 engine for best in class performance
Volvo engine provides best in class power, very low noise and fuel consumption, along with the performance to easily push trucks and pull the Volvo screed to widths up to 5.5 meters.

Patented hydraulic load level suspension system

Volvo P4370B paver Patented hydraulic load level suspension
Patented hydraulic load level suspension system provides uniform, three-point contact pressure on both wheels when operating on uneven terrain, while oscillating front wheels feature independent auto leveling to minimize shock load and improve screed performance.

Volvo-designed matched hydraulic systems

Volvo P4370B paver Volvo designed matched hydraulic systems
Volvo-designed matched hydraulic systems focus the paver on delivering a consistently level and smooth mat under the toughest conditions.

Comfort & visibility

Volvo P4370B paver All around visibility from hopper to screed
Comfort & visibility from a seating position that safely puts the operator in complete command of the entire paving operation, with excellent visibility to the hopper, material delivery truck, auger area, material flow, screed and final mat.

Proven Volvo Omni V screed

Volvo P4370B paver Omni V Screed
Proven Volvo Omni V screed features a variable width design, on-the-go operation, a powerful, single tamping system with vibratory action, a mechanical crown adjustment that flexes the screed plate and a gas screed heating system.

Easy, safe access

Volvo P4370B paver Easy daily maintenance
Easy, safe access with no difficult climbing around the machine, including the engine and all major hydraulic components that are easily accessible from all sides.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, Volvo pavers are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo P4370B paver can improve your efficiency: