Since our establishment in 1988, we have committed ourselves to provide the best business solution to our customers.  Every product that we offer has been carefully selected, combined with qualified manpower and ISO-certified company facilities to ensure that you don’t lose any valuable time of productivity.

Solid management team, continuously improved competence and growing network have enabled us to run an effective business structure, resulting in robust and reliable company to be your business partners.  Besides, strong support from principals and vendors ensures that your get the right products and support tailor-made to your need.

Moreover, being a reliable business partner is not merely a matter of fulfilling customer needs.  It’s a matter of building trustworthy and long-lasting partnership toward success.  INDOTRUCK UTAMA has grown rapidly with our customers, because we are customer-focused company that knows how to fulfill ever growing business demand.”
Reliability and productivity is the keys to business success.  For those matters, INDOTRUCK UTAMA has set uncompromised standard of excellence, operating upon Five Core Values toward Excellence.  The entire products and support as well as competence development have been solemnly dedicated to exceed customer needs and expectation.