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Exchange Services - DPF

Diesel particulate filters (DPF) are the first components to be included in Volvo Reman, Exchange Services. This gives you diesel particulate filters of the highest quality – at a much lower price compared to new filters. The cleaning process is done in our own factories and has been thoroughly tested and approved by Volvo to make sure it does not add on any stress or cause premature failures.

Save money without compromising reliability
Your plugged Volvo diesel particulate filter is traded for a Volvo Reman filter with minimum machine downtime. This rigorously tested filter performs as new, offering at least 95% capacity of a brand new filter – but at a fraction of the cost.

The exchange process minimizes downtime and is covered by a Volvo parts warranty.

For more information about Volvo Reman, Exchange Services and DPF, contact your local Volvo dealer.