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Volvo DD15 Small asphalt - shortfacts

Short facts

Wide Drum:
Drum Width:
1 000 mm (39.4 in)

Operating weight w/ ROPS:
1 619 kg (3,570 lb)

Narrow Drum:
Drum Width:
900 mm (35.4 in)

Operating weight w/ ROPS:
1 519 kg (3,350 lb)
Volvo DD15 Small asphalt - Features & benefits

DD15 – Good speed, high productivity

The DD15 double drum compactor performs like a much larger machine - delivering high-frequency vibration to give you better speed and productivity in hot mix asphalt (HMA), soil sub-base, aggregate base, and numerous other applications.

  • Tier 4A engine
  • Operator can choose front-drum vibration only, double-drum vibration, or static mode.
  • 66,7 Hz (4 000 vpm) frequency provides optimal impact spacing at higher rolling speeds.
  • Machined drum surface has chamfered edges to produce a professional quality finish on each job.
  • Thick shells prolong drum life.
  • Industry-leading water system features 197 l (52 gal) tank, pressurized spray system to distribute water evenly across each drum, and water flow only when the compactor is moving (in automatic mode).
  • Standard safety features include ROPS, a convenient grab handle on both sides of compactor, spring-applied, hydraulically released parking brake, emergency stop switch, seat shut-down switch, and propulsion control with neutral start.
  • Isolation of the vibratory drum and operator platform enhances operator comfort and safety.