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When you buy a Volvo, you purchase a construction machine of the highest quality. You also benefit from a long-term relationship with Volvo Construction Equipment giving you access to all the products and competence required to ensure your machine generates maximum profit and growth for your business.

When you invest in a construction machine, the knowledge of having good service, access to the right parts and a wide range of quality attachments is just as important as the price. If not more important. After all, it is the total cost during the machine's entire life that is really important. 

Volvo's  telematics system CareTrack can be of great help. It provides  information about machine utilization and helps keep track of fuel consumption as well as service planning.

Even Volvo machines need service and maintenance, especially considering the extreme conditions to which they are made to cope with. To ensure that your investment stays productive, we have the parts and the services to make your construction equipment deliver even more uptime and higher resale value.

Our parts and products can be bought individually or put together into Customer Support Agreements, which are adaptable to give you the best solution for your needs.

With all the products and resources we have at our disposal, we can offer you the very best support. Anywhere, at any time. Our global dealer network guarantees fast deliveries and service wherever you are.

Volvo Parts and Services guarantee your machine’s reliability, and your peace of mind.

Tell us what you need. Then let us handle the rest.

Please contact us to discuss how our parts and service department can ensure your Volvo machine provides you with the uptime and productivity your business needs.