Introduction - V-ACT engine : Volvo Vostok
Volvo VACT engine - introduction

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Volvo diesel engines are built on decades of experience and on the use of advanced technology.  The diesel engines used in Volvo construction machines cover a wide range from 1 to 16 litres in displacement.  Each one is a state-of-the-art engine tailored specifically to our different construction machines. 

Over time, the construction and earth-moving industry has experienced more restrictive legislation.  As a construction equipment manufacturer we are continuously faced with ever-higher user demands on machine productivity. 

Volvo meets the requirements of the new, stricter emissions legislation through state-of-the-art, innovative engine designs allied to well-proven Volvo engine technology and components.  And, we do this while still keeping machine performance high and fuel consumption low.

Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology,V-ACT, is yet another example of our engine design capability based on leading-edge technology that will be successively introduced in the heavy- and medium-duty Volvo engines for off-road applications.

Volvo diesel engines give you outstanding performance, competitive fuel consumption and low emissions.  They are designed and precision-built to meet your high demands concerning reliability, durability and operating economy.

Go for simplicity - go The Volvo Way and stay one step ahead.