Future fuels

Fuels of the future

Fossil fuels are running out and the race is on to develop a better, cheaper, more sustainable alternative. With the pressure of increased energy demand, climate change and dwindling natural resources the message to the transport sector is clear - find a suitable replacement, and fast!

There is no one single source of energy that can replace oil. Instead, we are now seeing the development of a wide spectrum of fuel alternatives and drive systems that are each suitable for different purposes. Volvo participates actively in this development process and focuses primarily on alternatives that meet the toughest standards concerning both high energy efficiency and low environmental impact, all the way from raw material extraction to consumption - a perspective known as the 'well-to-wheel' approach.

Until a front-runner becomes obvious, or pan-national legislation comes into play which creates consensus on which fuel gets the green light, Volvo will continue to finance research programmes of different fuels of the future.