Quarries & Aggregates

Quarries & Aggregates

The quarries & aggregates segment comprises a wide variety of different areas. Volvo Construction is an active player in the segment with its wide range of suitable machines. The segment covers:

Sand & Gravel: covering machines used for loading, hauling, stockpiling in sand and gravel pits and dredges including overburden removal, mine road construction and maintenance.

Hard rock quarry re-handling: covering machines primarily used in stone and granite quarrying for re-handling of crushed and treated quarry material.

Hard rock quarry face: Machines primary used in mining and quarrying loading or hauling of blasted, broken or unbroken granite and hard stone.

Limestone quarry: Machines used in mining or quarrying of broken or unbroken limestone including overburden removal.

Clay mine: Machines used for extraction and re-handling in mining of clay and ceramic minerals including overburden removal.

Other aggregates / quarries: All machines used in non-metallic  mineral services, overburden removal, mining of phosphate  asbestos, kaolin and other non-metallic minerals not elsewhere classified.

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