Innovation – the key to the future

Innovation is at the core of Volvo Construction Equipment. It’s our company mindset and our way of working. At Volvo CE we are innovating each and every day to show customers a vision of the future that they can’t envisage for themselves. We challenge our employees to think ‘outside the box’ while focusing on customer needs – until something brings added value to the customer we don’t class it as innovation.

With over 180 years of construction and innovation expertise, Volvo CE is at the forefront of technological development. For us, the latest technology is not just nice to have, it’s essential to stay competitive and secure long-term profitable growth. But innovation doesn’t have to be complicated – sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas.
Innovation infiltrates every aspect of Volvo CE’s product development process – from early conceptual exploration through to production. As well as optimizing conventional technology, we are developing radical, game-changing solutions. Our advanced engineering team looks as many as 30 years into the future and provides our organization with roadmaps of the technologies that are in their infancy today but which could make a big difference in the future.