The margins are in every detail

Days of planning. Weeks of training.  Months of designing every tiny detail. One screw out of place and the race could be lost. But hard work and sweat are not all that the Volvo Ocean Race crews have to contend with.  If anything happens to the boat out at sea it is the crew’s responsibility to repair it until it can be properly examined at the next port.  They must ensure that the boat stays in perfect condition throughout the entire race.  This is something at which Volvo Construction Equipment excels.  We know how important it is to have machines that will stand the test of time; and when they leave our factories they are ready for tough challenges.  Volvo Construction Equipment will support your machine from the day of purchase, to the moment you stop using it.  With our network of 10,000 service technicians in 2,000 service points, help is always close-by.

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