Michigan / Volvo BM L70

The machine was updated as time went by. From serial number?60438 the machine was fitted with new axles. From serial number?60501 the machine was fitted with a new cab.
??????????????????????????????????????????? ??? ?Front axle? ??? ?Rear axle
Serial no.?-?60437???????????????? ??AH45C??????????AH31F
Serial?no.?60438?-?60500????? AH45J????? ???? AH31K
Serial no. 60501-??????????????? ??? AH45I??????????? AH31K
L70 specifications
Engine Volvo BM TD 45 B
Rated output SAE J 1349, kW (hp) 118 (87)
Tip. load (straight/full turn), kg 7020/6050
Bucket volume, m3 1,5
Tires 17.5-25
Operating weight, kg 9540
Production year 1986-1994