Volvo A30D with D10 engine

The A30D with D10 engine has an increased payload and body capacity and can haul faster and even bigger loads – at a lower cost. Regardless of terrain and ground conditions.

In November 2003 the new D9 engine was introduced with higher torque.
A30D 2003 specifications
Engine Volvo D10B AAE2
Rated output at, r/s (r/min) 33,3 (2 000)
...SAE J1349 gross, kW (hp) 242 (324)
...SAE J1349 net, kW (hp) 241 (323)
Max torque at, r/s (r/min) 22,5 (1 350)
...SAE J1349 gross, Nm 1 420
...SAE J1349 net, Nm 1 410
Max speed, km/h 53
Load capacity SAE struck, m3 13,6
Load capacity SAE 2:1 heap, m3 17,5
Payload, t 28
Net weight, t 23,1
Gross weight, t 51,1
Production year 2001–2003