Wheel loaders

Models Operating weight
Wheel loaders
L90F 15,0-17,0 t
L120Gz  18,0-19,0 t 
L120F 19,0-21,0 t
L150G, L180G, L220G 23,6-32,8 t
L150H, L180H, L220H  24,1-33,1 t 
L180F High-Lift 36,6 t
L180G High-Lift 33,0-36,0 t
L180H High-Lift 33,0-34,0 t
L250G 33,4-35,4 t
L250H 34,0-35,3 t
L350F 50,0-56,0 t

Volvo L150H, L180H, L220H loader are perfect for rehandling, extraction, block handling, recycling and other applications


Models Operating weight
Crawler excavators
EC140B Prime 13,4-15,6 t
EC140D  12,8-16,7 t 
EC210B 20,9-22,3 t
EC210B Prime 20,4-23,7 t
EC220D 20,9-24,4 t
EC240B Prime 24,4-25,7 t
EC290B 28,5-30,0 t
EC290B Prime 29,0-31,6 t
EC300D 27,7-33,1 t
EC350D 34.3-38.7 t
EC360B Prime 36,5-38,7 t
EC380D, EC480D 37,8-53,1 t
EC460B Prime 44,3-47,9 t
EC700C 69,3-71,7 t
EC750D 72,7-74,7 t
EC950E 89,9-91,8 t

Volvo EC950E excavator delivers superior digging power for maximum productivity

Articulated haulers

Models Payload
A25F, A30F 24 000 kg / 28 000 kg
A25G, A30G 25 000 kg / 29 000 kg
A35F, A40F 33 500 kg / 39 000 kg
A35E FS 33 500 kg
A35F FS, A40F FS 33 500 kg / 39 000 kg
A35G, A40G 34 500 kg / 39 000 kg
A40E FS 39 000 kg
A45G, A45G-FS 41 000 kg

Volvo A45G, A45G FS  artic (artichauler) excels in applications such as quarrying, mining and road-building


ABG tracked Maximum paving width
ABG5820 8,0 m (26.2 ft)
ABG6820 10,0 m
ABG7820B 11,0 m
ABG8820B 13,0 m
ABG9820 16,0 m (52.5 ft)
ABGP5320B 7,0 m
P4820D  6,5 m 
ABG Wheeled Maximum paving width
P4370B 5,5 m
P5770C, P5870C, P6870C 7,5  - 9,0 m

Volvo P4820D ABG paver is built to increase your performance and profits
Wheel loaders Excavators Articulated haulers Pavers


Models Operating weight w/ ROPS
Large asphalt
DD100 10 025 kg (22,101 lb)
PT220 10 000 kg
*Weights noted are with cab.
Soil compactors
SD70 7 415 kg
SD110 11 125 kg
SD160, SD200 16 199 / 20 643 kg

Volvo Compactors

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