MCT : מאיר" חברה למכוניות ומשאיות בע"מ" יִשְׂרָאֵל‎‎

More leg space

For easy driving and frequent, intensive use, Volvo’s EC55C is equipped with heavy-duty travel pedals like those used on full size excavators. By mounting the electro-proportional control on the joystick rather than using a foot pedal, Volvo’s made sure there is plenty of room for even a long-legged operator to work in uncramped conditions.

מיני מחפר ec55c של וולוו

Volvo designers know your place: the driving seat

At Volvo, we know how stressful long working hours can be. So we have redesigned the cab of the EC55C compact excavator around you, the operator. Brilliant ergonomics, low noise and high comfort are combined to give you the best operating environment.

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