MCT : מאיר" חברה למכוניות ומשאיות בע"מ" יִשְׂרָאֵל‎‎

From start to finish

For greater power and safety, the EC55C automatically shifts from high to low speed when working on slopes, grading or backfilling. The intuitive control of slew and offset through precise movements of the joysticks results in well-finished, accurate grading in a short time. Pushing the blade lever forward engages the blade cylinder, exerting minimal, yet consistent downward force for levelling, backfilling, grading or contouring.

מיני מחפר ec55c של וולוו

Volvo designers know your place: the driving seat

At Volvo, we know how stressful long working hours can be. So we have redesigned the cab of the EC55C compact excavator around you, the operator. Brilliant ergonomics, low noise and high comfort are combined to give you the best operating environment.

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