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Get your top questions answered about our one-of-a-kind telematics monitoring and reporting system. If you have additional questions, talk to us today.

What’s the difference between Caretrack and ActiveCare Direct?

CareTrack is our telematics system that provides connection to all machine information. It relies on customers to sort through their data of alarm codes and errors to decipher which require attention. ActiveCare Direct, on the other hand, is Volvo’s proprietary system that automatically sorts, filters and prioritizes alarm codes and errors for you so you know which require immediate action.

How is ActiveCare Direct different from other telematics systems on the market?

Unlike competitors, we don’t overwhelm you with a flood of data. We know you’re busy — that’s why we were one of the first to launch a telematics system that works directly with customers and dealers to give you simple, actionable case alerts in real time.

How do I know my machine is eligible for ActiveCare Direct?

Contact your local Volvo CE dealer and they can let you know.

What if my machine is older and I still want to sign up?

No problem! As long as the machine is eligible and equipped with the up-to-date CareTrack hardware, enrolling is simple. Contact your local dealer to start the process today.

Do I need to have additional resources or machine knowledge for ActiveCare Direct?

No additional resources are needed from you. Unlike with other programs, we don’t expect you to know what every error code or alarm means — with ActiveCare Direct, we’ll decipher them for you.

How many notifications will I be getting from ActiveCare Direct?

That depends on what's happening with your fleet, but we only notify you with cases that require action.

Is ActiveCare Direct really free for a year?

It is on new machine puchases! Check with your local Volvo dealer to make sure the machine is eligible during your time of purchase.

But I only have CareTrack. Am I still able to get ActiveCare Direct?

Absolutely! If your machine has the most current telematic hardware, you can get ActiveCare Direct.