Vantage Equipment LLC North America

How to make it big on Broadway

Some things simply don't need explaining.

Take Times Square.
Everyone knows. Times Square spells excitement, Broadway theatre, bright neon lights.

Take Volvo.
Everyone knows. Volvo spells quality, safety, environmental care. Not, of course, that everyone knows about our new, cutting-edge milling machines just yet.

New York City's Department of Transportation fi rst heard about our half-lane, front load, 610-horsepower MT2000 earlier this year.
So a demonstration was arranged. And, since Times Square spells excitement, why not stage it right there, at the "Crossroads of the World"?

We like to think the MT2000 put on quite a show during its 30-hour dress rehearsal. The city's operators certainly gave it a five-star billing. They loved the performance, the controls, stability and maneuverability. Actually, they loved pretty much everything.

It's a Volvo, after all. And everyone - even in Times Square - knows what that spells.