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Customer success stories

They operate in all corners of the globe, in various industries and conditions.
But they all have two things in common – they are Volvo Construction Equipment customers and they are successful.
Here are their stories.

Mining At The Cutting Edge

UNITED STATES: Site Simulation program plays a pivotal role in a family-owned garnet mining business

2 Hills, 2 Counties, 22 Motor Graders

This story is based in 2 counties located in east, central Alberta, Canada. Two counties with an area of over 4,285 square miles, or 2,742,400 acres. There may be more than 2 hills, but not...

40 Years of Teaching the ABCs of Asphalt Paving

There is a slight parallelism between the state of our country today and in 1956, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed landmark legislation intended to shore up the nation's defense...

45 degrees of separation

Only one articulated hauler could make the climb. Up a 45 degree wall of mud and rock. Loaded with 37 tons of blasted rock. Helping to clear the way for the world's largest diameter...

A Man and His Machine Thrive in the Swamp Lands

“For any kind of dirt job I’m doing, it’s very productive. … I can make more money with Volvo because of the cycle times and the dependability.” — Perry Autin

A Rough Road - Expanding into Asphalt Paving in a Tough Economy

In spring 2008, when the housing decline stagnated the construction industry, one contractor saw his glass as half full. Ty Trulove saw an opportunity to expand his excavating business...

Beating a tough economy

Accent Landscape Contractors stays aggressive amid fast-rising costs, lowered project volumes.

Benton Georgia - Volvo Case Study - Underground Utilities

Volvo CE Benton Georgia Case Study: Compact Excavators. Customer testimonial from one of the Atlanta area's underground utilities contractors. Currently running a fleet of Volvo compact...

By the numbers

“Our numbers indicate that Volvo is a winner.” Frankie Lafontaine, Directeur génèral. Les Excavations Lafontaine Inc.

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a happening place and it's happening fast

The population has doubled in a generation and its skyline has been changing by the year. It's not difficult to see why this place is one of the quickest growing cities in the United States....

Doing it Right

“It was the top-notch milling machine out there. I looked at other milling machines that couldn't match up with this Volvo.” – Charley LaSarge, transportation manager for the Muscogee...

Doing it the right way

“I’ve got 15,000 hours on a single (Volvo) excavator undercarriage. That’s unheard of.” As the economy has spun downward during the past several years, the all too common story has been of...

Evidence. Decisions. Rewards.

“Over our other wheel loaders we are saving between 45 and 55 liters (11-15 US gallons) of fuel per shift with this new Volvo wheel loader and that is very significant.” Greg Murphy,...

Paving Under the Big Montana Sky

Self-reliance is a big part of your DNA when you’re a contractor based in the bulls-eye center of a state that is the fourth largest in size but third least populated in the U.S., making...


"Compared to the loaders we had before, I get an additional twelve-hour shift on fuel every three days, and that is significant." -Darcy Wildeman

Four Seasons breaks the ice

Four Seasons Landscaping Inc. uses its fleet of Volvo construction equipment to clear away snow and ice for nearly a hundred of its customers in Connecticut, USA.

Guins Excavating Service

Volvo customer testimonial video with Guins Excavating Service out of Wendell, NC; just east of Raleigh. John and Chris Guins talk about running their Volvo excavators and how the family...

Heavy Metal

“Volvo makes one of the best pieces of equipment out there. I know, because we run the hell out of it.”— Butch Caton

How to make it big on Broadway

Some things simply don't need explaining.

Janes Gravel digs Volvo's bucket design

Brian Etchison had one problem with the excavator buckets being run at RE Janes Gravel Co. in Merkel, Texas. None of them could stand up to the abrasive conditions at Janes' sand and gravel...